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Tutorial: Root Phone & Flash Cyanogenmod (2013)

I've been hesitant to do this, but I've read many wonders of CyanogenMod. It was terribly mischievous, but I successfully rooted my Android phone and flashed a custom ROM including CM10 built! Thanks to those amazing XDA developers and brilliant hackers out there for helping me out!


TeamPECAN | BetaTester of CyanogenMod



Simply put, it's quite similar to iPhone Jailbreak. As we all know, the Stock OS for old Android phones aren't that great unlike HTCSense and TouchWiz innovations. Perhaps you might be asking me why do I have to post this tutorial even ther's an open forum around the net regarding this matter? Indeed i's true, but I had to go through many trials and errors just to avoid my phone from getting bricked. I'd like to share my experience after all, so if you're interested to try this at your own risk... keep on reading! I've stumbled upon numerous blogs, watched various video tuts, and considered downloading freeware softwares but they constantly failed to root my phone in attempt to FastBoot everything. Keep in mind that once you root your phone, it means that your warranty would become void.



Screenshot from my CyanogenMod


I made a quick or rather complex Tutorial here:

NOTE: The download link (DL) of Drivers given below is exclusively for LG-P350 phone model.



1. I highly recommend to install Titanium Back-up

-It would be best to perform a batch back-up on your phone to save the important contents before modifying anything. You may integrate your saved nandroid on your preferred cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox) as we launch the .apk files from your SD card automatically later on.



GO TO:>>

1. Phone's Default Settings>>

2. Format your SD Card

3. "Privacy">"Factory Data Reset"



1. Install the bundled LG P350 Drivers on your Win7/8 PC:

DL: http://ow.ly/ha9yg


GO TO:>>

1. Settings>Applications > Check: "Unknown Sources"

2. Settings>SD Card and Phone Storage Setting > Check: Mass Storage Setting

3. Settings>Applications> Development > Check: USB debugging



4. Download and Install SUPERONECLICK v (Short Fuse) on your Win7/8 PC.

(I tested this freeware software, and it really works like a charm-proven by me.)

5. Run the software and connect your Android phone via USB.

6.Click ROOT

-As you run it, you might notice that it does't show any signs of loading progress which may cause you anxiety. Please leave your phone connected to your PC and wait patiently for at least 10-15 minutes until the complete set of commands successfully show up.


7. You may now turn-off your USB Storage and restart your phone.

8. To check if your phone has been rooted properly, download ROOT CHECKER PRO

9. Check if SuperUser and BusyBox have been automatically installed in the right path a.k.a. ROOT

-At the end of this quick process, you'll now have unlimited privileges and the ability to install apps that require root access.


In this next tutorial, rest assured that either of these would work. I tried both methods, but I prefer doing the manual installation.




1. Download and Install ROM Manager (Premium)

2. TAP Flash ClockworkMod Recovery and select your phone model and wait for it to finish its download process.

3. Lastly, tap Reboot Into Recovery




Please refer on this detailed tutorial I've tried using Terminal run (cmd).



1. Download CyanogenMod ROM and move the zip folder to your SD Card.


+++----------UPON REBOOT--------+++

Using (3 Combo Buttons) at the same time:

[Hold Down Volume] +[ Call] +[ End] buttons for 10 seconds.


*Volume UP & DOWN = Selection


*Back = Back

*Menu (left side) = OK


  1. Select Backup/Restore

Perform Nandroid Backup first (check boxes)

  1. Select Wipe > WIPE ALL data/factory reset
  2. Select Flash Zip menu
  3. Select your downloaded CyanogenMod ROM zipped file.

Optional: Install any additional packages (gapps) if you wish using the same method.

  1. Once the installation has finished, return back to the main menu and select the Reboot System Now option.
  2. The Optimus Me should now boot into CyanogenMod.